MEntal Health Day 2022

Make every day World Mental Health Day.

Since launching the Mental Health Pledge in June, thousands have shared their commitment to the mental health and well-being of their teams. In honor of World Mental Health Day, we’re recognizing the inspiring ways leaders have followed through on their pledges and sharing more resources to help everyone prioritize mental health and wellbeing in the workplace year round. If you have other best practices to share with our community, share them here.

How leaders are delivering on their #MentalHealthPledge

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On Mondays we start our weeks with a guided meditation and stretching session. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we've started holding a no-agenda "Tea Time" for employees to take an afternoon break and connect around non-work conversation. On Fridays during our all-hands meetings we each take a moment to share our WGFs: a Win, a Goal for the upcoming week, and a Five to a teammate who has exemplified one of Exubrancy's core values.

Elizabeth Wilkes


We’re on a mission to make anywhere feel like home and combat the social isolation many people face today. One way we’re investing in our people’s well-being is by  spending more time asking ‘How are you doing?’ and meaning it. We’re also redesigning our onboarding process by prioritizing human goals.

Chris Roberts

Chief Operating Officer

We have provided managers with a toolkit on how to have conversations with their employees around general well-being.  We also shared some information on how to identify some signs that their employees may be struggling.

Cami Briggs

SVP, Human Resources

As we create a culture centered around innovation, agility, and trust and empowerment, we have introduced a hybrid workplace, flexible work hours, virtual healthcare options, and mental health resources for our global workforce.

Elizabeth Adefioye

Chief People Officer

We have a #wellness channel where we regularly share what wellness activities we’re up to, whether it be a photo from our walk or a recipe of the cookies we’re baking. We even hold game nights! And we ask ice breakers during Town Hall so that everyone on our quickly growing team continues to get to know things about each other.

Cassie Choi, RN

Co-founder and COO

We recently implemented “Focus Friday Afternoons” where we encourage no scheduled meetings. As our colleagues’ needs evolve, we are committed to evolving our programs to meet these needs.

Cheryl James

Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Our team has dedicated 1 day a quarter for mental health awareness.  These days are to be used as a break to enjoy something outside of work.  It has helped the team to feel supported and cared for by their leaders.

Andrea Davidson

Relationship Strategist, Corporate Programs

We've instituted company-wide mental health and well-being days, flexible PTO and unlimited sick days to care for yourself or a loved one. we've worked hard to create a culture where health and wellbeing is prioritized and rest ethic is celebrated, from check in questions in team meetings to our Slack status updates.

Erin Grau

Co-founder and COO

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