Moonshot Goals Require a Culture of Agility & Innovation

Pfizer, one of the world’s most advanced biopharmaceutical companies, manufactures revolutionary medicine to make the world a healthier place. This year their goal is to deliver up to 25 breakthroughs to patients by 2025. With a dynamic R&D pipeline and tenacious workforce, Pfizer is advancing the industry through courage, excellence, equity, and joy.

Pfizer sets moonshot goals to achieve needle-moving innovation – this is how they were able to create Comirnaty, their COVID-19 vaccine, in just nine months in 2020. To reach goals such as this, Pfizer’s teams of 80,000 colleagues in 55+ countries were functioning at the highest level and working at unprecedented speed. Pfizer saw that personal well-being and resilience weren’t abstract values — they were essential to the company’s ability to meet its moonshot goal. "We needed to evolve our culture with an enhanced focus on our workforce mental health and well-being," said Chief People Officer Paval Sahni Becher.

To accelerate this cultural shift, Pfizer partnered with Thrive Global, putting Thrive’s science-backed, well-being resources and behavior change techniques at the fingertips of every single colleague and leader – in a flexible framework that was able to adapt to meet their unique business needs. Pfizer’s People team wanted to ensure the colleague was at the center of everything they did, and they were confident that with Thrive Global, they could achieve this at speed.

“The Thrive framework is built with flexibility and easily flexes toPfizer’s Purpose Blueprint, so we are able to ideate and create together.“We assessedother companies, but we knew early on that partnering with Thrive was the perfectopportunity to drive and expedite the culture we aspired to.”– Janice Beauchamp, Pfizer SVP People Experience, Wellness & Workplace Engagement

Reaching breakthroughs by making colleagues feel seen

Thrive's platform offers an antidote to burnout culture – embedded directly into your company's operating system. Thrive Global improves the day-to-day lives of leaders and colleagues by educating them on the importance of sleep, movement, and meditation, and pairing those lessons with microsteps that they can easily implement into their daily routines. Thrive’s resources help break the cycle of cumulative stress by activating the parasympathetic nervous system and lowering cortisol levels through short videos on themes like breathing, stretching, and gratitude. These small, science-backed steps enable colleagues to build habits that significantly improve their lives in and outside of work.

Thrive Global is available to all 80,000 colleagues globally at Pfizer and helps empower them by providing the knowledge and tools to make meaningful behavioral changes. By meeting employees where they are through web, mobile and seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Teams, well-being resources are easily accessible to every team member and help to build resiliency, agility, productivity & performance.

“Thrive for Teams is centralized so it prevents people from having to visit various technologies and platforms, and it’s much easier. People look forward to seeing the Thrive alert pop up each morning – it offers a meditative moment for colleagues that brings value. It’s a reflective moment for me too – after my coffee, I see the message and I reflect on what’s happening internally and externally," said Beauchamp.

Engagement with Thrive results in a measurable increase employee well-being


higher productivity


higher resilience


higher employee satisfaction

The Thrive partnership equipped 50,000 of Pfizer’s colleagues with access to Thrive LeadershipJourneys, a masterclass in enabling leaders to build a thriving workforce. Of those 50,000colleagues, 94% reported making a greater effort to be an active listener, are more satisfied with their communication abilities, and want to practice empathy with others more often. The mindset shift that occurred after these Leadership Journeys enabled leaders to recognize that showing2up more authentically, as their whole selves, will have a positive impact on the culture, productivity, and efficiency of the business.

Empowering thousands to impact millions

There is a significant bottom-line business benefit to taking care of your people and empowering them to also take care of themselves — and that’s what Thrive Global does.

“With Thrive, Pfizer is on the forefront of breaking down the stigma of mental health andwell-being in the workplace and touching the lives of 80,000 colleagues,” shared Beauchamp.“The most amazing part? Our inward change at Pfizer will radiate through those tens of thousands of people and their loved ones and out into the world.”

Thrive’s simple, science-baked solutions make prioritizing well-being accessible for everyone.Making the tools available and embedding them in people’s daily workflow, Thrive empowers colleagues to make meaningful behavioral changes.

Pfizer saw immediate results after launching Thriving Kids, a science-backed program to help parents support their children’s mental health, to 11,000 of their global frontline and manufacturing colleagues. 93% of Pfizer colleagues agreed that the program empowered themas a parent to help their children thrive through disruption and 90% agree they now have the tools they need to help their children improve their mental health and build resilience. The Thriving Kids program was an opportunity to significantly contribute to the culture of the organization, strengthen a sense of community and belonging for working parents, and help colleagues with what Pfizer strongly believes is essential – improving mental health, both at work and at home.By investing in Thrive, Pfizer has created a culture of greater well-being, resilience, and trust, where individual well-being and organizational success rise together. With a culture that supports colleagues in this way, Pfizer is poised to have an even greater impact on patients and set — and meet — more moonshot goals.

“We’re making Pfizer an amazing place for all where people take care of themselves so they can make breakthroughs that change patients’ lives and impact millions around the world,” said Beauchamp.

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